Five Possible Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start


Few things are more frustrating than when you turn the key and your car won’t start. What’s even more frustrating is that there are so many possible reasons why it won’t turn over. The professionals at AutoSmart have put together a list of some common scenarios that might help you figure out what’s going on. 

My Car Won’t Start and the Key Won’t Turn

If the car is older, the reason the car won’t start might have nothing at all to do with the car itself; the key could be to blame. If the key doesn’t turn at all, it could be because it has become worn down over time. Even a slight change to the key can cause it to not hit the tumblers just right. When that happens, the car won’t start. 

The good news is that a new key can fix the problem. The bad news? You can’t just make a copy of the key, because it will have the same flaws as the existing key. You’ll need to have a new key made. Most locksmiths will be able to handle this for you by making a key based on the car’s VIN. 

My Car Won’t Start and No Dashboard Lights Come On

When none of the lights come on and your car won’t start, there is a good chance your battery is dead. Before settling on that conclusion, try some other functions, such as the car radio or the windshield wipers. If you still think it’s the battery, get a jump start and drive straight to the shop to have the battery checked and, if needed, replaced. 

Another possibility is the ignition switch. If the lights do not come on when you turn the key halfway, it could mean a faulty switch needs to be replaced.  

My Car Won’t Start and Was Recently Jerking at High Speeds 

The engine needs gas to start. If the fuel pump fails to get gas to the engine, the car will be unable to turn over. There will often be symptoms of a fuel pump problem before the car fails to start. These may include diminished fuel economy or noticeable jerking at high speeds. 

My Car Won’t Start and Makes a Clicking Sound

There are a few potential causes when your car will not start and is making a clicking sound. Corroded battery cables are one possibility. If the battery terminals are faulty, it prevents sufficient power to the motor. Loose battery ends are another possible cause. The fix could be as simple as tightening the connections, or your car may require a new battery or other repairs.

My Car Won’t Start After Sitting for a While

You might think a dead battery is the only reason your car won’t start after sitting for a while, but a bad fuel pump is another potential culprit. When a car sits for a while, the fuel pressure drops, so when you finally go to start it, there won’t be enough fuel in the engine for it to turn over. Of course, it could be the battery, so don’t rule that out either.If you decide that it’s time for a more reliable car, stop by our dealership or browse our large inventory of quality used cars and trucks online. At AutoSmart, we make it easy to qualify for financing even with bad credit!


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