What Is A Buy Here Pay Here Dealership?

Get Auto Loans in East Texas

Put simply, at buy here, pay here dealership like AutoSmart, you'll never have to worry about financing preventing you from getting the car you want. We offer flexible automotive financing options so that everyone can find the perfect car that fits their life and their budget; including those with bad credit. We offer financing in-house (or "bad credit car loans") and traditional automotive financing, too!

We understand the concerns of those who have been prevented from buying a car by outside lenders in the past and we can overcome those obstacles, because at AutoSmart...we are the lender!

That means we decide who receives financing, and we will always choose to with work you, not against you when helping you buy your next car.


Credit Building

Every on-time payment made toward the car loan is a positive mark for your credit score

Affordable Down Payments

Our customers are offered affordable, low down payments to finance a new vehicle


Our mission is to help customers who might not be qualified to lend elsewhere

happy couple holding up keys to new car at dealership

What is a Buy Here Pay Here?

Buy Here, Pay Here dealerships are exactly what they sound like. You can find a vehicle, get financing, and pay for the vehicle all at one convenient location. That makes the car buying process a whole lot easier for everyone, because you have one trusted source to handle every step. Buy here, pay here dealerships like AutoSmart are an especially popular choice for consumers buying a car with bad credit.

Outside lenders often decline prospective buyers with bad credit, but a buy here, pay here dealership like AutoSmart can be more flexible and approve buyers for in-house financing.

How Does Buy Here Pay Here Work?

Buy here, pay here dealerships extend in-house financing to buyers who purchase a vehicle from the dealership. Then, buyers can make affordable monthly car payments to the dealership. (AutoSmart is especially flexible, because we offer traditional automotive financing, too!)

Once a driver has been approved for a car loan they can choose from among lots of different vehicles at the dealership and know exactly what their payment will be. The bottom line is that buy here, pay here dealerships work with drivers to secure financing and put them in the driver seat of the vehicle they want to drive.

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happy man holding up keys to new car

What is In-House Financing?

Yes, it is possible to get a car loan with a "bad" credit score! This is where buy here pay here financing comes in.

At our Buy Here Pay Here dealership we believe that you, as a car shopper, should have the opportunity to "Own Your Journey". Since buy here pay here dealership offers in-house financing, they don't have to turn away credit-challenged consumers and can help drivers begin their journey toward improving their credit score.

Surprisingly, buy here pay here dealership like AutoSmart do not require buyers to put down a large down payment, either!

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