Keep Your Car Cool in the Texas Sun With These Tips


How to Keep Your Parked Car Cool in the Texas Heat

If you have lived through a Texas summer then you are familiar with the feeling of getting into a scorching hot car that has been parked in the sun. The temperature outside is nothing compared to how hot it can get in a car that has been baking in the Texas heat. Hot weather is a fact of life for Texans during the summer, but there are a few things you can do to minimize the heat inside your car when it has to be parked in the Texas sun. 

Are there any tricks that will keep a car cool in the Texas heat? 

The Texas heat can be relentless in the summer. A car parked in the sun, in Texas is one of the hottest places you will find. You can slightly reduce the heat level in your car by cracking the windows when you park. This helps air flow through and can provide a slight improvement – just make sure there is no rain in the forecast!

What products and modifications will protect against the Texas heat?

Leaving your car parked for any amount of time in the Texas heat can cause the interior to reach an unbearable temperature. Fortunately, there are some products and modifications you can get for your car that can help keep it cool while parked in the Texas heat. A simple product option is a front windshield sun shade or cover. This is an inexpensive and simple product that can reflect some light and prevent it from heating up your car. Another option along the same lines is a cover that blocks light from all of your windows. This type of half-car cover can be used in situations where your car will be parked for an extended period of time. You can also choose some upgrades for your car to help keep it cool. For example, getting your windows tinted can reduce the amount of light that gets in and heats up your car while parked. None of these products are going to keep your car totally cool in the Texas heat but they can help minimize the temperature your car reaches while parked in the sun. 

Which car color is best for hot weather? 

In Texas, the temps inside of a parked car can reach alarming heights during the summer. If you have experienced what it is like to slip into a car that has been sitting in the Texas heat then you may be willing to try just about anything to keep the interior of your car from becoming unbearably hot. One potential way to help keep your parked car cool in the Texas heat is with your color choice. There are some colors that naturally absorb more heat while others reflect more light. The darker the color, the more heat it absorbs while lighter colors reflect more light. There is scientific research to back up the idea that lighter colored cars – such as white and silver – stay cooler in the sun than darker colored cars. Your car will get hot if it is parked in the Texas sun but a light colored car will not get quite as hot as a darker colored car.    

There is not one simple trick that will keep your car feeling cool when it is parked in the Texas heat. However, if you apply all of the tips outlined above you can get a noticeable difference and have your car cool off more quickly after it has been parked in the sun.


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